Ergonomic Curve push rims now available in the UK

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Curve in sectionCarbolife “Curve” and “Curve Grip” push rims


Curve are innovative ergonomic push rims developed in Germany. Curve push rims have been selling in Europe since 2014. They’re now recommended by all German Spinal Injury Centres. In April the company behind Curve push rims, Carbolife, will be sharing the Loopwheels stand at Naidex. Come and see German engineering and quality at its best!

Curve push rims are designed to suit the contours of the human hand and in particular to the needs of quadriplegics, both without finger control or with limited finger control.

We’ve been trialling the “Curve” range on loopwheels and are now introducing them to the UK. We’re delighted that Carbolife will be sharing our stand with their Curve push rims at Naidex 2016 in Birmingham from 26 – 28 April.

Order Curve and Curve Grip from our webshop now – and Loopwheels fitted with Curve too.

The profile of the Curve rims is based on the natural anatomy of the hand, so optimising the ergonomics of the design. This guarantees a controlled and effortless grip, while stabilizing the wrist. Compared with conventional hand rims, using »Curve« is less tiring for the hand muscles, and results in less pain for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. The result? A relaxed and sustainable ride.

The Curve profile offers a more effective area for the hand to press, due to its increased side profile and shape compared with a conventional round hand rim. The rim offers a greater surface area for braking and changes in direction, as well as better pressure distribution, preventing burn braking. On the flat but especially when going uphill, propulsion is easy on the joints and saves energy. The end result? Easier, better and safer handling of the wheelchair.