Folding bikes, the crowdfunding way

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We raised crowdfunding in May 2013 through our Loopwheels Kickstarter campaign We were fortunate to be backed by many generous and enthusiastic people, some of whom went for our first sets of Loopwheels and our first Loopwheels bikes. As well as getting our first products at a cheaper price, our backers know that they have been a crucial part of getting Loopwheels into production, so that other people can now share in the experience of riding a wheel with integral suspension. One of our backers has described his experience like this:

“it was really a pleasure to back Loopwheels. I’ve never done anything like it before, but I quite liked the old altruism thing (okay, altruism plus a bike).”

People who support projects through crowdfunding often talk in terms of enjoying the feeling of being part of a journey, and the shared experience. That’s certainly been our experience, both backing other people’s projects and doing our own. The feeling you get when strangers reach out to support you is very special. Our heartfelt thanks to every one who has backed and supported us.