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A great accessory that lives up to the promise. The wheels will change your thinking about what a comfortable ride is.

9.5 Amazing”

This is the sum-up on loopwheels from Dominic Lund-Conlon, who took loopwheels off for an extended trial at the Naidex show. He posted a fantastic independent review on his site, Review My Wheelchair. You can read his full Loopwheels findings here, and here are a few extracts:

Over bumps the Loopwheels are comfortable, with the give enough to make a difference, whilst the movement taking some effort.  This means that whilst going down a curb the bump will be softened.  Using the wheelchair over tactile paving, the wheels took all the shock out of the bumps – gliding over whilst letting you know the paving is there.
Simply put, the wheels will change your thinking – regardless of if you combine them with FroggLegg caster suspension or not.  Spending all day moving around in a wheelchair, you should be as comfortable as you can – the wheels reduce the jolts in your back whilst ensuring you know about the surface you are on.”

Dominic has been a wheelchair-user for 20 years and is the lead editor of Review My Wheelchair, an independent review website. All of the wheelchairs and accessories on the site have been reviewed to identify how they can fit into your day to day life. You can add your own review, or just rate your wheelchair by logging in with your Facebook or Twitter.

Dominic’s coverage of Naidex gives a real insight for people who missed out on getting to the show themselves. It’s probably helpful for some who were there too, but may have missed some new products amongst the plethora of stands!

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