London2Brighton – 100 miles in a wheelchair

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In 2015 we brought loopwheels for wheelchairs to market through the support of people who funded our project on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. One of our backers was Ian Maskell. We subsequently met Ian when he came up to Loopwheels HQ. Ian came with his father. He was relatively new to a wheelchair at the time. He’d injured his spine in a cycling accident, and was getting used to the huge change in his life that spinal injury necessarily brings.

We’d not heard from Ian for a while, but today we received an email from him. Ian wrote to us:

I am going to push my wheelchair 100 miles from the London Eye to the Brighton i360 along a flat waterside route. I want to raise money for the charities that have helped me re-build my life after spinal cord injury which left me paralysed. What happened to me, a bicycle accident out in the countryside, could happen to anyone – three people each day suffer a catastrophic spinal cord injury with life changing consequences. 

Ian’s raising funds for four very worthwhile charities: Aspire, Sia, Back-up and the Architects’ Benevolent Society. He’s already raised over £2,000, but we thought that some of our followers might like to support him and these organisations too.

If you’d like to contribute, follow the link to Ian’s fundraising page.

You can see photos and follow Ian’s progress on Instagram too.

We at Loopwheels wish Ian every success with training in the coming weeks, and especially those 100 tough miles on Saturday 6 May. Hope the weather will be cool and dry for you on the day, Ian, and the massive support behind you spurs you on!