“Loopheads” (AKA happy customers)

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Now we’re getting more Loopwheels out to customers, we’re getting some wonderful feedback. This is from Patrick Thomas, in Marietta, Georgia USA. Patrick missed out on our Kickstarter offer in May, but he rushed to be one of our first online customers in September. This is what he sent me yesterday:

Gemma and all the other LoopHeads out there:

I waited months for my bike to arrive.  From time to time I wondered, “when it comes will the kid inside you be reborn?”  I suspect the answer to that is simply, YES!  I ride it all over my neighborhood and can’t wait to take it on the Silver Comet Trail that stretches from here to Alabama.  Google it.

The wheel was the initial attraction.  It was different and clearly a redesign.  Now it’s the wheel and the ride.  They dovetail well.  Simple elegance in construction and design.  

Well done mates, well done!!

Can’t get better than that, can it? Thank you Patrick. Knowing we’ve made you happy is what it’s all about for me and Sam. We get that feeling when we see a smile slowly break out across someone’s face when they ride Loopwheels for the first time. Result!