Loopwheels Urban are now our best-selling wheels. Why?

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We developed our Loopwheels Urban based on what our customers asked us for. You wanted lighter wheels, with more lateral stability, and the same level of comfort. You wanted to use them with power attachments and hand bikes, at faster speeds.

Seven years’ experience manufacturing, selling and talking to customers about our original Loopwheels, which were launched in 2013, informed two more years of specific development and testing of the new design to meet our customers’ specifications.

It all culminated in the first production run of Loopwheels Urban into the world in February 2020. Just before a global pandemic!

Despite all the supply and freight challenges we all faced, our new Loopwheels did well, particularly as people spending more time at home with family wanted to be able to get out into nature and fresh air more often, and more comfortably.

We hoped you’d love them, and you did!

At first, the Classics held their own against the new upstarts.  Then we introduced the Urbans in 25″ diameter (559) in September 2021, alongside the more common 24″ diameter (540).

In late 2021, Loopwheels Urban became our most popular wheel.

Why? Well we said it before, but we will say it again. We think the Urban is now our most popular wheel for these reasons:

  • Sleek design
  • Wonderful looks.
  • Lighter than Classics and easy to handle
  • Super comfortable ride
  • Reduces up to 70% rear wheel vibration, compared with spoked wheels
  • Makes kerbs and bumps easier to manage
  • Tackles off-road as well as the Urban jungle.

Simple, really!