Sam Pearce: a mechanical engineer through and through?

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Inventing the Loopwheel has been a very personal journey for Sam Pearce and his family. Sam has always been a maker and a do-er. On 31 October 2013 the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in London published a great article about Sam and Loopwheels. Some of the material is taken from our website, and most is from an interview with Sam. The Institute are interested in what inspires engineers, and asked him a lot about this. We’re really proud to get this professional recognition and hope you’ll find the article interesting.

Kathryn Bellamy, the author, discovered Loopwheels earlier in the year when she happened to be in Nottingham for a weekend and saw an article in the local Nottingham Post about Sam’s invention. Pure chance!

You can read the Institute of Mechanical Engineers article on Sam Pearce here.