What’s the best wheel for me?

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Most people using a wheelchair get on great with a good spoked wheel. A spoked wheel is familiar and lightweight.

But what if you

  •  have aches and pains, especially in your back?
  •  need to negotiate cobbles or poor paving?
  •  want to get out into the great outdoors more easily?
  •  use a power attachment?
  •  feel fatigued from being rattled about?

In all these cases, Loopwheels could be a better wheel for you.

Loopwheels help you get out and go further, in comfort.

Suspension absorbs shocks, reduces jolting, and allows you to move on uneven surfaces more easily.

If you’re moving faster with a power attachment, you need cushioning from the extra jolting. Loopwheels Urban and Loopwheels Extreme allow you to go faster, IN COMFORT!

You wouldn’t drive a car without suspension. Why drive your wheelchair without it?

There’s a Loopwheel for everyone.

Loopwheels Classic and Carbon are great for manual use. We’ve been making these since 2015, and our customers love both the comfort and the colour choices.

Urban is the best all-rounder for self-propelling OR with a power attachment, and is now available in 24″ and 25″. It’s equally home on a forest track as in the urban jungle. Urbans are now our best-selling wheels.

Want MTB tires for proper off-road adventures?  Choose Loopwheels Extreme.