Off road wheelchair wheels

Go faster, further and off-road with our suspension wheelchair wheels.

Rolling over the grass and mud of countryside tracks should be easier

Every city has it’s accessibility issues, cobbled streets and awkward level changes which make it tough to navigate in a wheelchair. But all of this is a luxury compared to the uneven surfaces of the countryside .

The bumps and discomfort that come with riding a wheelchair on the mud & grass can make the countryside completely off limits to most wheelchair users.

However, going out in the great outdoors, away from cars and city life, is one of the most refreshing and empowering activities we can do. Fortunately, there are now a number of accessories that can make this experience much more comfortable and accessible.

This is where the Loopwheels comes in…

Introducing the Loopwheel

Take your adventure off road – the Wheelchair Wheel with Integral Suspension:

  • Absorbs the vibration, bumps and shocks of grass & mud
  • Reduces vibration by an average of 65% compared to traditional spoked wheels
  • Softens the impact from kerbs and drops
  • Quick fit and quick release wheels
  • Works well alongside powered wheelchairs

A life changing accessory

David shares how Loopwheels have helped him to explore the countryside.

Martin Scuth, Quadriplegic since 1973 and former national wheelchair-rugby player

“Going out and about with my handbike is so much more enjoyable with Loopwheels. Now I have Loopwheels, I’m able to go further, faster and for longer, and I’m able to enjoy it much more than I have done for years. They would make a huge difference to anyone using a handbike.”

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