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CarboLife Gekko



Gekko push rims are our best-selling ergonomic push rims. With smooth sides and a grippy top surface, they combine the best of smooth-running downhill and grip for better propulsion uphill.

Who are the Gekko push rims designed for?

For Wheelchair users with complete hand function, and either complete or limited hand strength.

What are the advantages of the Gekko handrims?

  • perfect ergonomics
  • outstanding grip
  • low weight compared with most ergonomic push rims
  • robust replaceable silicon strip, fully integrated into the profile
  • anodised low-friction side surface at the sides prevents heat generation during braking.

The integrated silicon strip further enhances the exceptional handling quality of the handrim, creating unrivaled riding comfort for you. 

What is our recommendation in terms of profile size?

We recommend the Gekko for most adults. (If you have small hands or need Gekkos for a child, choose Gekko S instead)

Additional information

push rim diameter & fitting

24" 515mm 6 rivnut (for 24" Loopwheels Urban/LT), 25" 539mm 6 rivnut (for 25" Loopwheels Urban), 26" 565mm 6 Tab (for Spinergy), 25" 535mm 6 tab (for Spinergy), 22" 465mm 6 tab, 24" 512mm 6 tab (for Spinergy)

silver / black

black, silver