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Lignorim LIGHT


A pair of wooden push rims, LIGHT model.


Why choose wood?

  • No more cold hands – even in Winter! Wood has really good natural thermal insulation
  • Much more comfortable than metal handrims
  • Very good grip
  • Low weight
  • Made from finest ash in Austria – splinter-free.
  • High water resistance
  • Natural and solvent-free

About the LIGHT model

The Light model, with the round shape (20mm cross-section), is designed for people who value a low weight and a small gripping surface

Essentially, it’s designed for people with smaller hands.


Key data model Light:

Sizes: 20″, 22″, 24″, 25″, 26″, 28″,
Fixing: 6 aluminum tabs,
Colors: available in 6 popup colors and 3 standard colors.
Grip: good grip.
Recommended hand size: small.

Additional information

Lignorim colour options

Dark, Dragonfruit, Intense Black, Lagoon, Natural, Piglet, Poppy, Sunset, Veggie

push rim diameter & fitting

24" 515mm 6 rivnut (for 24" Loopwheels Urban/LT), 25" 539mm 6 rivnut (for 25" Loopwheels Urban), 26" 565mm 6 Tab (for Spinergy), 25" 535mm 6 tab (for Spinergy), 22" 465mm 6 tab, 24" 512mm 6 tab (for Spinergy)