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Loopwheels Urban


Loopwheels have developed a wheel with suspension for manual propulsion or use with a power attachment, for everyday use, whatever the surface.


Go Comfortable, Go Anywhere.  Loopwheels Urban was invented in response to your feedback:

  • An everyday wheel for all occasions – from the streets to the park to the forest
  • For manual propelling or using with an e-bike style power attachment
  • Delivering all-important comfort.
  • Wheels that look great, look technical – and perform brilliantly.

And now with colour options! Loopwheels Urban can be ordered with the hub and rim hinges anodised in either a metallic purple, red or blue, as well as our original black.

  • Wheels are hand-made to order:
    • Orders can take up to 3 weeks before dispatch so please get in touch if your order is urgent so we can give you an expected lead time.
    • For colour anodised hubs and hinges, allow 3-4 weeks.

Technical specification

Wheel size 24″ (5470mm) or 25″ (559mm)
Bearing diameter 1/2″ (12.7mm) and 12mm
Spring/loop materials Carbon fibre composite
3 choices of spring rate Soft, regular and stiff
Bearing width at faces 1.8″ (45.8mm)
Wheel weight 1.36kg (without push rim, tyre, or axle)
Min-max load (user & chair) 40kg – 120kg

Choosing Your Spring Rate
The springs are made from hi-tech carbon composite materials and are available in 3 spring strengths: Soft, Regular and Stiff.

These rates allow you to get the best comfort for your weight and the typical activities that you undertake. The rule of thumb is that the heavier you weigh and the faster you go, the stiffer the recommended spring rate. But in the end, it’s a personal choice! Some people just prefer a softer ride and others like a firmer suspension.


Weighing 2.87lb (1.36kg) per wheel, and removing much more vibration than any other brand of a wheel, it is the only wheel you’ll need to conquer the urban jungle – or indeed, anywhere you choose to roll.

Push rim options

Additional push rim options may be available – contact us if the push rim you want is not offered on the dropdown list.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 66 × 18 × 67 cm
Push Rim Offset

narrow (11mm), wide (19mm)


No Tyres, Schwalbe Tyres with Schrader Car Valve (+£96)

Spring Rate

Regular, Soft, Stiff

Rim size

24 inch, 25 inch

Colour anodising

Black hub and rim hinge, Metallic Blue anodised hub and rim hinges +£200, Metallic Purple anodised hub and rim hinges +£200, Metallic Red anodised hub and rim hinges +£200