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Surge LT


Pair of 24″ Surge LT pushrims


Surge LT Pushrims, are ergonomically designed, lightweight, all-in-one handrims. They increase your pushing traction to help you pass over difficult terrains or surfaces, while also providing no-burn braking.

  • Lightweight, oval, single component handrim
  • Patented upper surface increases traction
  • Smooth sides for burn-free braking
  • Available in 24″ only

Surge Handrims have a unique oval form, and the combination of materials used, making these handrims a good pushing experience.

The top surface is formed from a rubber strip, called the GRIPTION STRIP™, which is permanently bonded to the handrim. Unlike the CarboLife Gekko, this strip can’t be replaced and so if the rubber wears, the full push rim must be replaced.

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Surge options

Surge LT, 24", 6 rivnut for Loopwheels Urban, Surge LT, 24", 6 tab fitting