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Fitting Loopwheels

Do loopwheels fit any wheelchair?

Loopwheels fit most ACTIVE MANUAL ADULT wheelchairs, ie those with 24″ or 25″ wheels.

Will I need to buy new axle pins?

Your old axle pins will usually fit your new loopwheels, or may need a minor adjustment. You can buy new ones from us if your existing axles don’t fit or if you want a second pair. Our range includes both ½” (12.7mm) and 12mm width axles, in 99mm, 104mm, 109mm and 120mm lengths – so we’ve got a wide selection if you need it.

Quick release axle pins are adjustable by up to 4mm in either direction.

Which length axle pin is right for my chair?

We’ve found 104mm to be the most common axle length, but all wheelchairs vary and may require a longer or shorter axle pin. If you’re not sure which length is right for you, check out the diagram and/or drop us an email. We stock 99mm, 104mm,109mm and 120mm lengths, and may be able to obtain other alternatives too.

Each axle length is adjustable at the head up to about 8mm (4mm in either direction). We also supply 2 metal spacers with each axle (and a rubber grip) in case minor adjustments are needed.
Quick release axle measurement.
Measurements of our 104mm quick release axle. L = 104mm; L1 = 45.9mm and is the part of the axle that passes through the wheel. L2 is the part of the axle that goes into the chair.

Is there a minimum and maximum weight limit?

Yes. Each wheel we’ve developed has been optimised for different weights and applications. The maximum weight covered by the warranty is shown in the user manual. Our warrantied load limit for wheelchair wheels is 120kg. The load is the weight of the rider plus the weight of everything else carried on the wheels.

This is in line with the 100kg user weight limit on most active manual chairs.

How do I adjust my axle pins?

Minor Adjustment. The length of the Loopwheel axles can be adjusted by rotating the ‘Nut’, clockwise (shorter) counter clockwise (longer). This is done by clamping the ‘Flat section’ and turning the ‘Nut’ using a suitable spanner. Total adjustment is approximately 8mm.
How to adjust an axle pin.

What is the maximum recommended camber for a Loopwheel?

Loopwheels must not be mounted at a camber angle that exceeds 12 degrees. We recommend an optimum camber of 6 to 8 degrees for Loopwheels Urban and Loopwheels Extreme.

Can I swap out the bearings on my Loopwheels?

Removal of the bearings may seriously damage your wheel and will void any warranty that covers this. Do not remove or change the bearings yourself. We fix the bearings into the wheel hub with a high specification ‘Loctite’ bond. If you need to change bearings, please seek advice from us at [email protected], or talk to your local dealer.

12mm or ½ inch diameter bearings?

The answer to this question will depend on the type of wheelchair you want to fit Loopwheels to. As most chairs are made with 1/2″ (12.7mm) diameter axles, we fit 1/2″ bearings as standard. This means that you must tell us if you require a 12mm diameter bearings in your wheels. If you are unsure about the diameter of bearings please check with your wheelchair manufacturer before you place an order with us. A 1/2″ axle will not fit into a 12mm bearing and a 12mm axle will wobble in a 1/2″ bearing, Or ask us for advice at [email protected]

What clearance do I need between a sideguard and my Loopwheel?

Allow a gap of at least 30mm between the sideguard and your Loopwheel. The integral suspension technology needs room to move so with insufficient clearance, the wheel could brake when it comes into contact with the guard. It may be possible for your guard height to be adjusted. Check before fitting the Loopwheels to your chair!Loopwheel sideguard clearance
It is important to allow 30mm gap between the top of the tyre and a curved sideguard.

Are Loopwheels wider than a standard spoked wheel?

All Loopwheels are designed for the tyre to sit slightly further out from the chair than a Spinergy wheel, to allow for the suspension movement. The push rims will also be slightly further out than on a Spinergy wheel.

Our older designs, Loopwheel Classic and Loopwheel Carbon, were wider at the hub. The current generation, Loopwheels Urban, Loopwheels LT and Loopwheels Extreme, are the same size as the hubs on a standard spoked wheel.

Are Loopwheels compatible with an Alber EMotion device?

No. The EMotion can’t be fitted to Loopwheels – sorry!

General questions

How much does a Loopwheel weigh?

Loopwheels are slightly heavier than wheels with conventional spokes. But for this, you get suspension as well as a wheel! The weights without tyres or push rims are:

Loopwheels Urban (24″): 1.36kg
Loopwheel Extreme:1.33kg (but the tyres on these are bigger, so this wheel is generally our heaviest overall once you fit the tyres).
Loopwheels Classic (24″) : 1.84kg
Loopwheels Carbon (24″): 1.84kg
Loopwheels Classic (25″): 1.86kg

Is there a speed limit for Loopwheels?

Yes. For Loopwheels Urban, LT and Extreme, the warrantied speed limit is 25km/h (15.5 mph). This is also the speed limit on most roads.
For Loopwheels Classic and Carbon, the warrantied speed limit is 7km/h (4.35mph). Classic and Carbon are only suitable for manual use or with a power attachment at low speed.

How does the rolling resistance of a Loopwheel compare with a spoked wheel?

Surprisingly well! We tested the Loopwheel against a spoked wheel to measure the rolling resistance. Because the Loopwheel is not held back by any obstacles it encounters, it actually travels faster and more easily than a non-suspension wheel if there are small or large bumps in the road/pavement/track. Find out more about the test here.

Don’t forget that the biggest cause of poor rolling resistance is if your tyre is not fully inflated: make sure you’re pumped up!
Solid tyres are much more resistant to moving than a good quality air tyre. We recommend Schwalbe Marathon Plus, designed for wheelchairs and puncture-resistant. We don’t recommend using solid tyres.

Is the suspension on Loopwheels adjustable?

No. It’s not possible to change the amount of suspension on your Loopwheels. Each Loopwheel we’ve developed has been optimised for its specific application. The Loopwheels Urban has three different spring rates (soft, regular and stiff) and the Loopwheels Extreme has two (regular and stiff).

Your choice will depend on the average speed of travel, user weight and personal preference. The Regular spring rate of the Loopwheels Urban and Extreme are the same compression as Loopwheels Classic. Please get in touch with us via [email protected] if you have questions about the differences in spring rates.

Can I change the colour of my Loopwheels after I have bought them?

No. You can buy Loopwheels Urban and Extreme in black, or with red, blue or purple anodised hubs and rim hinges.
Loopwheels LT are available in black, or with green anodised hub and rim hinges.

Do Loopwheels require any maintenance?

Loopwheels require little maintenance other than a clean, and the bolts attaching the push rims will need tightening from time to time.
We advise you wash your wheels with warm soapy water if required – avoid aggressive abrasive cleaning agents.
Check your wheels and chair regularly for wear and to spot any early signs of damage – see our user manuals for recommendations.

Where can I buy Loopwheels?

You can buy direct from us via this website, or by contacting us on [email protected]. Or check out our find a Loopwheels retailer page if you would like more personal service or wish to buy Loopwheels as part of a whole chair solution.

In some countries we have an arrangement for exclusive supply through a distributor and don’t sell direct from our website. In this case your country won’t come up in our list of shipping destinations. Contact the distributor for your country (see our retailers page), and they will direct you to a supplier local to you.

What’s the difference between types of Loopwheel?

Click on our comparison chart for a summary of all our wheels.

How bouncy or stiff are Loopwheels?

Loopwheels are actually quite stiff!

The loops are made of composite materials with natural damping characteristics. They are surprisingly stiff, so the springs only flex when they need to, to make you feel more comfortable and give you wheelchair suspension when you need it.

Loopwheels Urban comes in three spring rates: Soft, Regular and Stiff.
Loopwheels Extreme is available in two spring rates: Regular and Stiff.
Loopwheels LT (and our older Classics) have just one spring rate.
Please visit your local stockist to try the selection of spring rates or contact [email protected] for more information. In the UK, you can try before you buy for just £35.

How do Loopwheels compare with spoked wheels?

Spokes or Loops?

Is the suspension in a Loopwheel optimised for a particular weight load?

Yes it is. Check the product details for each Loopwheel. We advise a maximum weight load for each type of wheel.

Our wheels are designed for adults. Children and adults of lighter weights may not feel the full benefit of loopwheels suspension except when you hit a bump with real force, although there will still be some vibration reduction. Our best option for lighter weight people is the Loopwheels LT.

Are Loopwheels suitable for passenger transport in a vehicle?

Yes, Loopwheels have been independently tested for seated use in a vehicle (using standard wheelchair vehicle restraints).
However for longer journeys and higher speeds outside cities, it is generally always recommended to transfer out of a wheelchair into a vehicle-fitted seat.

Hand rim questions

What are my pushrim options?

Loopwheels come with a black powder-coated aluminium push rim. Or you can upgrade to one of a wide choice of ergonomic hand rims that are designed to optimise comfort for a number of hand functions. Please visit our product page for more information, or email [email protected] if you require a rim that we do not advertise.

Can Natural Fit push/hand rims be fitted to a Loopwheel?

We don’t stock Natural Fit pushrims but you can order Loopwheels without pushrims. We believe it is possible to fit a 6 rivnut version of the Natural Fit pushrims to 24″ Loopwheels, but we offer a wide range of alternative, ergonomic hand rims that we believe are a better option.

Mountain bike questions

Do you make bike and MTB wheels?

We only make wheels for wheelchairs. If you want a MTB tyre on your wheelchair, we recommend our Loopwheels Extreme with a Schwalbe Smart Sam or Marathon Plus tyre. Smart Sam is a larger off-road style tyre. You can buy any 507 MTB tyres for Loopwheels Extreme from a bike shop if you prefer a different choice from what we offer.

Tyres questions

Can I fit solid tyres to my Loopwheels?

We don’t recommend solid tyres to be used with Loopwheels due to the amount of wear and tear they inflict on the wheels (and on your body!). Your wheel warranty is valid for Loopwheels fitted with pneumatic tyres only.

What size tyres fit my Loopwheels?

We recommend Schwalbe Marathon Plus wheelchair tyres. It’s the most popular tyre on the market and according to Schwalbe (and many of our customers) it is the most puncture resistant pneumatic tyre available, specifically designed for wheelchairs.

If you would like to purchase your own tyres you will need to know the ETRTO number (a standard international tyre coding):
Loopwheels Classic, Carbon and Urban 24”: 25-540 (24 x 1.00 inch)
Loopwheels Classic and Urban 25”: 25-559 (26 x 1.00 inch)
Loopwheels Extreme: 47-507 (24 x 1.75 inch)
You may be asked for the BSD (Bead Seat Diameter) of your wheels:
For 24″ Loopwheels Classic, and 24″ Loopwheels Urban, the BSD is 540mm
For 25″ Loopwheels Classic and Carbon, the BSD is 559mm
For Loopwheels Extreme, the BSD is 507mm.

What tyre pressure do you recommend for Schwalbe Marathon Plus on Loopwheels?

The recommended pressure for all Schwalbe tyres is marked on the sidewall of the tyre.
On our Loopwheels Classics, LT and Urbans, it’s 6.00 – 10.00 Bar (85 – 145 psi) and we recommend a minimum 90 -110 psi.
For the Extreme, the range is 45-70 psi and we recommend 60 psi. But personal preferences may vary.
Keep your tyres well pumped up as soft tyres require more effort to push and the tyres wear out more quickly.

Can I add a deeper tyre to a 24″ (or 25″) Urban wheel to make it bigger?

Yes, if you want to make your overall wheel bigger than 24″, choose a Schwalbe Marathon Plus ETRTO 37-540 (24 x 1 3/8) instead of ETRTO 25-540 (24 x 1).

Tyre sizes: What do the terms inner rim width, Bead Seat Diameter and BSD mean?

These are all terms which are used in the sizing of bicycle and wheelchair wheel rims and tyres: see the diagram of a cross-section though a wheel rim. The international ETRTO or ISO sizing system uses two numbers. The first is width in millimeters. For the rim, this is the inner width between the flanges, as shown in the diagram; for the tire, it is the inflated width. This will vary a bit depending on the width of the rim. The second ISO number is the critical one: it is the diameter of the bead seat of the rim, in mm (“B.S.D.”).

Generally, if this number matches, the tire involved will fit onto the rim; if it doesn’t match, the tire won’t fit.
The inner rim width on all our wheels is 16mm.
24″ Loopwheel Urban, LT, and Classic have a BSD of 540mm.
25″ Loopwheel Urban, Classic and Carbon have a BSD of 559mm
Loopwheels Extreme have a BSD of 507mm
The Schwalbe website has useful information about tyre sizing generally.

Loopwheels rim dimensions