Technical Excellence and MDR

Discover how Loopwheels are made.


We believe in taking pride in making things by our own hands, which is the literal meaning of manufacturing. Every core component of a Loopwheel is designed by us, and we assemble Loopwheels ourselves, by hand, in Nottinghamshire.

Every Loopwheel has its own unique serial number so we have traceability of the product end to end, from the date of manufacture.

Our springs are very special indeed. They are a “secret recipe” honed over many years of experimentation with different materials. They are made with our partner KG Archery, based just 3 miles away from us here in the Sherwood Forest area of Nottinghamshire. By combining materials and layering them in different directions, we can offer springs with stiffer or softer suspension. This means they suit a wider range of user weights, speeds and personal comfort preferences.

We use standard components and accessories from reputable suppliers when we can, so that Loopwheels are compatible with most wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories.

For example, we supply Loopwheels with tyres made by Schwalbe, who are one of the best names in the business.

We know how important it is for our customers to have the right push rim to support good arm position and make pushing as efficient as possible, so we work with specialist hand rims companies to offer a wide range of push rims on our wheels.

We care about nurturing creativity, our engineering skills, and manufacturing. We are not nostalgic or sentimental about it, we just believe in making and doing, and making and doing it well.

Regulatory compliance: Medical Devices

Loopwheels as an accessory to a wheelchair are a Medical Device in Class 1 (low risk) under the regulations pertaining to medical devices in the EU, Switzerland and the UK.

  • Our registered company name is Jelly Products Ltd and as a UK manufacturer, we are are regulated by, and registered with, the MHRA in the UK.
  • Our authorised representative under MDR for the EU is Advena Ltd
  • Our authorised representative under MDR for Switzerland is Swiss AR Services.


MDR declaration of conformity for Loopwheels 1 design(Classic model)

MDR declaration of conformity for Loopwheels 2 (Urban, LT, Extreme)

EU Certificate of Registration

EU Certificate of Designation

Combination Agreements

We have combination agreements under the MDR for Loopwheels with the following manufacturers: Alu Rehab / Meyra; Invacare/Kuschall; Sunrise Medical; Wolturnus.

For more information, of if you are a manufacturer who wishes to combine Loopwheels with your wheelchair, please get in touch.

Proudly Made in England

Loopwheels are designed, engineered and made in England. We have protected our IPR by registering our designs, trade secrets and patents.

The story of Loopwheels is one of determination, and a streak of madness. They were invented by Sam Pearce, in his home county of Nottinghamshire, England. By training and profession, Sam is a mechanical engineer and industrial designer. By nature, he is some one who loves making things: designing, building, doing. He loves simplicity, and products that work well.  Sam is practical and hands-on. He is stubborn and doesn’t give up easily. All useful traits when you find you’ve set out on a journey to reinvent the wheel . . .

Sam believes passionately in craftsmanship and in the skills and knowledge that come from practical experience.

We’re proud to be a British manufacturer of a world-class innovation in wheel technology.