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Experience Loopwheels on your own wheelchair for just £35.

1. Sign up online for £35

Select your trial wheel preferences of Loopwheels model, rim size and offset. Simply cover the cost of delivery and collection, and we’ll send out your trial wheels usually within 3-5 working days.

2. Test your trial Loopwheels

Our courier will deliver a set of trial Loopwheels directly to your door with instructions on how to fit them to your existing chair. Ready fitted with tyres and alu push rims. You can trial them for 2 weeks!

3. Review with an expert

Our expert and friendly team can help you select a set of Loopwheels that meet your needs if you need help. We will contact you to arrange a date for UPS to collect the wheels after the trial.

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Try Loopwheels Before You Buy


A loan pair of shock-absorbing wheelchair wheels. Available in the UK only. Loopwheels Urban and LT have push rims offset at either 19mm (wide) or 11mm (narrow) from the wheel rim. Loopwheels Extreme push rims are at 15mm distance from the wheel rim.