Reva Gent

New on the block are Loopwheels at Mobility by Olivier, showing loopwheels combined with a Batec.

Their stand is E2.17

Move all the Way have been selling loopwheels for 18 months and are one of our most trusted loopwheels dealers.

Move all the Way are at A2.18

Mobility by Olivier combing loopwheels with the Batec for a smoother ride

Missed the show?

Where else can I try loopwheels in the Benelux region?

In addition to Move All the Way in Deerlijk,
and Mobility by Olivier in Liedekerke,
we sell through Sodimed in Liege.

Or contact our distributor for the Netherlands Harrie Meulenbroeks via the Multi-adapt website.