New Products For 2018

We’ve introduced 3 fantastic new push rims to loopwheels, our vibration-reducing wheels for wheelchairs. We now have a push rim to suit every hand and every budget. Plus two new logo options. Little differences can make a BIG difference!

Loopwheels for wheelchairs & free wheel, more the freedom, less vibration.


Tetra-Gripp pushrim for wheelchair wheels by Tetra Equipment, Germany

‘This aluminium pushrim is completely encased with an anti-slip plastic coating for quadriplegics or other wheelchair users with missing or restricted hand and finger function. This special pushrim is very durable and secure against torsion and slipping, extremely light in weight and never loses its grip.’ Click to find out more!

Introducing the QUADRO, our newest member of the Carbolife family. ‘Designed with the biomechanics of tetraplegics with no triceps function in mind, the profile provides you with a considerably larger gripping surface than a conventional handrim. Featuring an extremely robust anti-slip coating, it offers you unsurpassed grip for efficient propulsion as well as maximum control during braking and when correcting the direction of travel’.Click here to find out more!



Silver / clear aluminium pushrim for wheelchairs from LoopwheelsCLEAR ALUMINIUM RIMS
Available as an add-on option to our 24″ loopwheels, this simple plain aluminium push rim is ideal for those of who you prefer a simple silver coloured rim. Plain aluminium is less prone to showing scuffs or scratching and for just an extra £10 each they make the difference a small affordable one. We supply these rims with 24″ loopwheels, with 6 riv-nut fittings only.


Logo colour choices of loopwheels, vibration-reducing wheels for wheelchairs

Part of the black loopwheel experience is choosing your logo colour. And now we’re delighted to offer you WHITE and BLACK amongst the list of choices. Whether you want to stand out or have something more subtle, we hopefully have one for you. Which one would you choose?

Red yellow green teal light blue pink purple grey white black?