Spring Sale

Brightening up for Spring

We have just 3 pairs of rare colours of Loopwheels Classics available at discounted prices on Ebay.

These are all 24″ Loopwheels Classics.

Yellow Loopwheels Classic

Yellow Loopwheels Classics available for £700 on Ebay

One pair is yellow, one is green, and the final pair alternates springs of purple and blue. The green wheels are in perfect condition; the yellow and the blue/purple have very minor cosmetic scratching on one wheel of each pair.

Three reasons to buy:

1. Loopwheels reduce vibration and jolting, so providing a much more comfortable ride.

2. We all need some cheerful colour in our lives right now!

3. These limited edition wheels are on offer on Ebay with savings of between £240 and a massive £389 against RRP.