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A lightweight, vibration-reducing wheelchair wheel for everyday use!

Loopwheels have developed a lightweight wheel with suspension that works at higher speeds, for everyday use, whatever the surface.

The springs utilise hi-tech carbon composite materials and are available in 3 spring strengths (Soft, Regular and Stiff ), which will allow you to get the best comfort and health protection for your weight and the typical activities that you undertake.

Weighing under 3lbs (1.36kg) per wheel, and removing much more vibration than any other brand of wheels, it is the only wheel you would ever need!

Loopwheels Urban is 25% lighter, 37% more laterally stiff and reduces damaging vibrations by extra 25% compared to Loopwheel Classics.

Go Comfortable, Go Anywhere

Wheel size: 24″ (507mm)
Axle bearing: 1/2″ (12.7mm) and 12mm
Spring/loop materials: Carbon fibre composite
Bearing width at faces: 1.8″ (45.8mm)
Wheel weight: 1.3kg (without push rim, tyre, or axle)
Min-max load (user & chair): 35kg – 120kg

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