Kickstarter coming to the Netherlands

After years of developing our suspension wheels, we raised the money we needed to get Loopwheels into production through crowdfunding – the generosity and support of people prepared to take a risk in backing our project to make it happen. We did this through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Kickstarter began in the USA and came… Read more

Introducing new products to our range…

We are proud to release a 9 speed folding bike with new loop colours in soft dove grey and red logos, and a derailleur Loopwheel, please have a look at our newsletter for more info!  

Folding bikes, the crowdfunding way

We raised crowdfunding in May 2013 through our Loopwheels Kickstarter campaign We were fortunate to be backed by many generous and enthusiastic people, some of whom went for our first sets of Loopwheels and our first Loopwheels bikes. As well as getting our first products at a cheaper price, our backers know that they have been a… Read more