Folding bikes, the crowdfunding way

We raised crowdfunding in May 2013 through our Loopwheels Kickstarter campaign We were fortunate to be backed by many generous and enthusiastic people, some of whom went for our first sets of Loopwheels and our first Loopwheels bikes. As well as getting our first products at a cheaper price, our backers know that they have been a… Read more

Our first customer in the United Arab Emirates

On Monday we delivered the first Loopwheels bike to the UAE, to a lovely customer called Khalid Al-Zaabi. This is his reaction: I can’t express how happy I am with the fast response and delivery of loopwheels.  The bike is very eye catchy, I got questioned couple of times 🙂 I am really enjoying the… Read more

“Loopheads” (AKA happy customers)

Now we’re getting more Loopwheels out to customers, we’re getting some wonderful feedback. This is from Patrick Thomas, in Marietta, Georgia USA. Patrick missed out on our Kickstarter offer in May, but he rushed to be one of our first online customers in September. This is what he sent me yesterday: Gemma and all the… Read more