Sam Pearce: a mechanical engineer through and through?

Inventing the Loopwheel has been a very personal journey for Sam Pearce and his family. Sam has always been a maker and a do-er. On 31 October 2013 the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in London published a great article about Sam and Loopwheels. Some of the material is taken from our website, and most is… Read more

2013 has been an incredible year so far for us . . .

And it is only just September! Until this year, we’d shown prototype Loopwheels only to people in secret.  They said “wow – you’ve got to do this” (or variations on that theme). We didn’t know what the public reaction to our loopwheels would be when we unveiled them for the first time at the Bespoked Bristol… Read more

International Followers and updates

Loopwheels now have followers in 69 countries! I’ve just been looking at our mailing list: in the last six weeks, people in 69 different countries have signed up to receive news about loopwheels.  For a small company in Nottinghamshire, England, that seems amazing! The greatest number of subscribers are from the UK and the USA,… Read more