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CarboLife Quadro


Pair of Quadro push rims.


The ultimate push rim for people with very limited hand and finger function, Quadro is specifically designed with a sloping profile and grippy surface to make it easier to push with the thumb pad (thenar).

Who are the QUADRO push rims designed for?

For tetraplegics without triceps function.

What are the benefits of the QUADRO handrims?

Designed with the biomechanics of tetraplegics with no triceps function in mind, the profile of the QUADRO provides you with a considerably larger gripping surface than a conventional handrim. Featuring an extremely robust anti-slip coating, it offers you unsurpassed grip for efficient propulsion, as well as maximum control during braking and when correcting your direction of travel.

Designed and made by CarboLife Technologies in Dresden, Germany.

Additional information

push rim diameter & fitting

24" 515mm 6 rivnut (for 24" Loopwheels Urban/LT), 25" 539mm 6 rivnut (for 25" Loopwheels Urban), 26" 565mm 6 Tab (for Spinergy), 25" 535mm 6 tab (for Spinergy), 22" 465mm 6 tab, 24" 523mm 6 tab, 24" 512mm 6 tab (for Spinergy)