Push rim: “Curve Tetra-Grip” and “Curve Tetra-Grip Large” by Carbolife


No more bumps, all the suspension is in the wheels itself, even going up and down kerbs.

The biggest thing I have noticed is no more pressure on my back/spine.

Stevie, Coventry, UK

Beautifully engineered ergonomic push rims from Germany, with a non-slip coating, optimised for wheelchair users with tetraplegia. Available with a 6 rivnut or 6 tab fitting. To be compatible with Loopwheels, order the 6 rivnut fitting only.

All Carbolife products with a grip coating on need to be maintained regularly to maintain their effectiveness. See the description below for more details.

Visit the Carbolife website for stockists outside the UK. Price shown is per pair.

More Grip, More Power! The special slip-resistant coated aluminium push rim with an ergonomic design. Engineered and made in Germany by CarboLife.

The CURVE TETRA GRIP will take your mobility to a new level.

Who are the CURVE TETRA GRIP handrims suited for?

Designed specifically for tetraplegics with triceps function, and suitable for wheelchair users with complete hand function but limited hand strength.

What are the advantages of the CURVE TETRA GRIP and CURVE L TETRA GRIP handrims?

The shape of the CURVE push rim is designed to support limited arm and finger function. The innovative profile offers greater contact and pressing area on the push rim, due to its bigger size compared with a conventional round hand rim section.

This innovative profile coated with a rubberised grip provides tetraplegics with triceps function with a gripping surface optimised for exerting considerably more pressure on the handrim. The Curve L Tetra Grip provides an even larger surface area (L is for Large!). As a result, propelling the wheelchair along a flat road and uphill requires less physical effort while being much gentler on the joints, and ensures better and more secure wheelchair handling.

Along with the extremely durable anti-slip coating, the handrims make riding and steering your wheelchair much safer.

When braking, the larger gripping surface helps to distribute the pressure much better and thus reduces heat generation.

What is the manufacturer’s recommendation in terms of profile size?

Generally, we recommend using the CURVE L TETRA GRIP handrim to all tetraplegics with triceps function. If you have smaller hands, choose the Curve Tetra Grip instead of the L version.

Curve Tetra-Grip and Curve Tetra-Grip Large are optimised for people with tetraplegia. If you want some help with grip but are not tetra and don’t need the full Tetra Grip coating, choose Gekko instead.  (If you prefer a non-rubberised push rim, choose the Curve product instead).

Do these push rims require maintenance?

Yes! Dirt, hand cream etc. can “glaze” the Tetra coating. It is therefore important that the rims are cleaned regularly (if possible at least once a week) with a damp cloth + a household grease-dissolving cleaning agent. If the slippery layer of grease is difficult to remove, commercial disinfectants can also be used – in combination with a scouring pad – to get the handrims clean again. This should make your handrims very grippy again.

The choice of cleaning method depends on the degree of soiling. Normal weekly cleaning with grease dissolving detergent should maintain excellent condition. But  disinfectant or isopropyl alcohol, also in conjunction with a scouring pad, can be used if you’ve let some soiling build up and the rims lose tackiness.

There are two push rim sizes:

Curve Tetra-Grip Large: With its height of profile of 35 mm, Curve Tetra Grip L is especially made for average and larger hands.

Curve Tetra-Grip: is a smaller version of this ergonomic design. With its height of profile of 28 mm, Curve Grip is especially made for smaller hands.

You can also order these rims with loopwheels, in which case, we will dispatch the wheels ready fitted with the push rims. The fitting that is suitable for loopwheels is the 6 rivnut option. Tab fittings are not compatible with Loopwheels.

Recommended for people with what hand functionComplete hand function with limited hand strength, limited hand function with triceps function
Profile of Curve Tetra-Grip28 mm
Profile of Curve Tetra-Grip Large35 mm
Material / finishAluminium with an anti-slip grip coating
ColourMatt black
Fittings6 tab, or 6 Rivnut
What fitting is suitable for Loopwheels?Only the 6 rivnut fitting is compatible with Loopwheels.
Tab fitting - tab distance512mm - fits Spinergy 24" wheel; 535mm for 25" wheel. 523mm, 565mm available by request
Available for other wheel sizes?Yes! contact us for push rims for 22", 24", 25" and 26" wheels if not shown on the website
Designed forTetraplegics or anyone who prefers a rubberised coating