Push rim: “Quadro” by Carbolife


No more bumps, all the suspension is in the wheels itself, even going up and down kerbs.

The biggest thing I have noticed is no more pressure on my back/spine.

Stevie, Coventry, UK

QUADRO push rim: revolutionary in ergonomics and design. Price per pair.

Featuring a robust anti-slip coating, QUADRO offers you unsurpassed grip for efficient propulsion as well as maximum control during braking and when correcting the direction of travel.

All Carbolife products with a grip coating on need to be maintained regularly to maintain their effectiveness. See the description below for more details.


The QUADRO will push the limits of your mobility. The perfect ergonomics and outstanding design of this push rim makes it one of CarboLife’s most popular choices. Engineered and made in Germany by CarboLife.

Who is the Quadro push rim suited for?

For tetraplegics without triceps function.

What are the advantages of the Quadro push rims?

Designed with the biomechanics of tetraplegics with no triceps function in mind, the profile of the QUADRO provides you with a considerably larger gripping surface than a conventional handrim. Featuring an extremely robust anti-slip coating, it offers you unsurpassed grip for efficient propulsion as well as maximum control during braking and when correcting the direction of travel.

Do these push rims require maintenance?

Yes! Dirt, hand cream etc. can “glaze” the coating. It is therefore important that the rims are cleaned regularly (if possible at least once a week) with a damp cloth + a household grease-dissolving cleaning agent. If the slippery layer of grease is difficult to remove, commercial disinfectants can also be used – in combination with a scouring pad – to get the hand rims clean again. This should make your rims very grippy again.

The choice of cleaning method depends on the degree of soiling. Normal weekly cleaning with grease dissolving detergent should maintain excellent condition. But  disinfectant or isopropyl alcohol, also in conjunction with a scouring pad, can be used if you’ve let some soiling build up and the rims lose tackiness.

ABOUT CARBOLIFE – in their own words . . .

“Improving the everyday mobility and quality of life of wheelchair users with the help of our products – this is what motivates us. With this goal in mind, we – four engineers and friends – founded the Dresden based company CarboLife in 2013. The initial impetus towards giving serious thought to the mobility of wheelchair users came from joint activities and conversations with a wheelchair-riding friend. These occasions opened our eyes for the development potential of handrims to improve the mobility of wheelchair users. Against this backdrop, we developed our CURVE handrim. It owes its perfect ergonomic fit to the imprints we created using modelling clay and which represent the natural anatomy of the hand.

Striving towards our goal to offer every wheelchair user the handrim tailored to their individual needs, to date we have developed a range of innovative handrims in close cooperation with wheelchair users, physiotherapists and specialist dealers. Besides our internationally patented handrims, we manufacture extremely robust high-quality components for wheelchairs from high-tech carbon material. Mobility aids are a vital part of people’s everyday life. Therefore, it is part and parcel of our work to bring together functionality, aesthetic appeal and lifestyle to create a perfect product”.




Designed forFor tetraplegics without triceps function
MaterialAnti-slip plastic coating
MountingAvailable in 6 tab (for Spinergies) or 6 Rivnut (for Loopwheels)
What fitting is suitable for Loopwheels?Only the 6 rivnut mounting is compatible with Loopwheels.
Tab distance512mm to fit 24" Spinergies; 535mm to fit 25" Spinergies
Other sizes available?Yes! Contact us for 22", 24" non-Spinergy, and 26" if not shown on the website