Push rim: ‘Tetra-Gripp’ by Tetra Equipment



A round profile push rim with a grip coating.

Who is the Tetra-Gripp push rim suited for?

The specially coated aluminium pushrim is mostly suited for tetra- and quadriplegics, or indeed any one with missing or restricted hand and finger function.

What are the advantages of Tetra-Gripp push rims?

The push rim is completely encased within an anti-slip plastic coating. The coating is very durable and provides optimum grip whilst driving the wheelchair simply through the pressure of the ball of the thumb.

This special grip performs brilliantly for torsion and is secure against slipping. It’s extremely light and retains its grip for a long time.

Today we – the Tetra-Equipment GmbH- are a small company to the south of Ulm on the Danube in Germany. We develop and distribute special coated pushrims for wheelchairs wheels, to shift the wheelchair independently with minimal efforts.

Our quality demands are very high and we like to pass the results of this to our clients.

Designed forFor people with impaired hand and finger function.
MaterialAnti-slip plastic coating
Mounting6 Rivnut mounting or tab fitting
What fitting is suitable for loopwheels?6 rivnut mounting is compatible with Loopwheels.