Axles for Wheelchair Wheels


No more bumps, all the suspension is in the wheels itself, even going up and down kerbs.

The biggest thing I have noticed is no more pressure on my back/spine.

Stevie, Coventry, UK

An adjustable quick release axle for the loopwheel (or any wheel) on your wheelchair, sold singly or in pairs. Choose from a standard ½ inch (12.7mm) diameter quick release axle, which fits many brands of wheelchair, or a 12mm diameter is also available. Choose from 99mm, 104mm, 109mm or 120mm lengths. Contact us for other lengths if required.

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A quick-release axle for wheelchair loopwheels, available singly or as a pair, in either ½ inch or 12mm diameter.

We offer these in 3 lengths: 99mm, 104mm or 109mm lengths – each in either ½ inch (12.7mm) or 12mm diameter. And in 120mm in 1/2 inch (12.7mm) only. Choose from the dropdown menu for the correct length and diameter. Each axle is adjustable in length by up to 7mm in total (3-4 mm each way)

The grey loopwheels logo in the centre of the pin looks great in your loopwheel, as it reflects the colour of the hub.

Which length is right for my chair?

We have found 104mm to be the most common axle length, but all wheelchairs vary and may require a longer or shorter axle pin. If you’re not sure which length is right for you, check out the diagram and/or drop us an email. We also stock 99mm and 109mm lengths, and may be able to obtain other alternatives too.

Each axle is adjustable at the head up to about 7mm in length. If you purchase axles with a pair of loopwheels, we supply 3 spacers with each axle (2 metal and one rubber) in case minor adjustments are needed for a better fit.

Measurements of our 104mm quick release axle.

Measurements of our 104mm quick release axle. L = 104mm; L1 = 45.9mm and is the part of the axle that passes through the wheel. L2 is the part of the axle that goes into the chair.

12mm or ½ inch diameter?

Our loopwheels are generally made with a standard ½ inch diameter bearing. ½ inch is 12.7 mm. If you already have ½ inch axles with your chair, you will probably not need to purchase new ones to fit loopwheels. You can stick with using the old ones!

We can also make loopwheels with a 12mm diameter bearing, as some wheelchairs use this metric size rather than the very slightly larger ½ inch (12.7mm). It’s important to get it right, so please measure or check with us before you order. A 12.7mm (½ inch axle) won’t fit a 12mm hole. And a 12mm pin will wobble in a 12.7mm fitting. The metric 12mm version are NOT very common. All Sunrise Medical chairs take ½ inch axles, but some Scandinavian and some other makes take the metric 12mm, as do some Ottobock chairs.


Diameter½ inch (12.7mm) or 12mm
Length99, 104 or 109 mm (adjustable)
MaterialStainless steel
Logo colourGrey