Alleviating Lower Back Pain, Spasms, Fatigue and Pressure Sores for WheelChair Users



As we all know, wheelchair users can suffer from serious lower back pain, spasms, spasticity and pressure sores. What has been shown in many research papers over the past 20 years is that this is often caused, or worsened, by the harmful Whole Body Vibration (WBV) that many wheelchair users experience.

What the studies found was that over time wheelchair users that were exposed to vibration level above the health caution zone (ISO 2641-1), suffered a shortening of the spine leading to compression of the nerves and tissues in the lower back area. They also had increased risk of deformities and other types of musculoskeletal disorder.

Think of shaking a jar of sugar that you have just filled, and you can quickly appreciate that vibration causes the content to settle, and that is what is happening to the spine if too much vibration is applied over a period of time. The other stress to the lower back muscular system is caused by the need to balance purely from the lower back area when being shaken and moved around.

Loopwheels reduce impact & vibrations - alleviating lower back pain

  • Absorbs vibration, bumps and shocks
  • Reduces vibration up to 70% compared to traditional spoked wheels
  • Softens the impact of landing from kerbs and other drops
  • Helps you go much faster and further
  • Your patients can try Loopwheels before they buy

Myrna's Example

Myrna has Multiple Sclerosis and has no function in her limbs, and so her balance is seriously compromised, and she has been limited by fatigue and pain. Before she used Loopwheels, Myrna would always return home with pain in her neck, shoulders and back, but now she feels comfortable even after being out for a whole day.

"What a result! No more pain when I’m going to bed; no longer having to devise detours to avoid obstacles; no more spending 3 days in the house to recover from a day out. Loopwheels help me participate in society in a fun and meaningful way"

Paige's First Impression Of Loopwheels

Help your patients alleviate their lower back pain.