Loopwheels fitting guides

Will loopwheels fit my wheelchair?

Loopwheels fit the vast majority of manual wheelchairs. If you are in doubt, phone or email us.

We make 24″ and 25″ loopwheels for wheelchairs. Our wheels have ½ inch bearings to fit standard ½ inch quick release axle pins. This is the most common size on most wheelchairs.

Some wheelchairs take 12mm axles, and we can make loopwheels with this size axle bearing too. Let us know when you place your order please!

We send a quick fitting guide with every pair of wheels. When you first put the loopwheels on the chair, you just need to check that there aren’t any bolts sticking out from the side of your chair that could rub against the wheels. This is not usually the case, but it does happen with some chairs and is not a unique problem to Loopwheels. You can prevent any contact issues using the supplied spacers to offset the wheels further out from the wheelchair.

Our user manuals and fitting guides can be found below.  If you have any queries or fitting issues please email or phone us. We will be happy to help.

Otherwise your local Loopwheels distributor will be able to assist with fitting.