Which country has most Loopwheels?

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Where are you most likely to meet a pair of Loopwheels out and about?


Yes, Germany is the country that buys more Loopwheels than any other.

We’re a British company and we design and make all our Loopwheels here in England. But right from the start of selling Loopwheels for wheelchairs in 2015, we sold to other European countries. Holland and Germany have always been good markets for us because we work with great distributors in each of these who are committed Loopwheels fans and a really important part of our Loopwheels team.

Michael, Alex and Harrie are the team in Loopwheels Germany and Holland! Jump here to meet them and find out more.

We often exhibit at Rehacare, the biggest exhibition for wheelchairs and assistive devices in Europe. The show is held every year in Düsseldorf,  Germany. We can meet up with many of our international customers here, and see what innovations are being launched. Doing business online is good, but nothing beats meeting face to face with a whole bunch of like-minded people, all working to bring great new product solutions to our customers.