David’s story

David Rose bought Loopwheels in September 2015. Here he tells us what he thinks about them and how his Loopwheels help him get out and about more comfortably and easily.

I use Loopwheels Urban

My story

David first bought Loopwheels in September 2015, so he was an early adopter of our suspension technology.

He was our brilliant poster-boy for one of our first photo shoots locally in Newark and Sherwood Pines, on a very hot August day!

Then after we developed the second generation of Loopwheels, he went for a pair of Loopwheels Urban, again with CarboLife’s Curve Tetra-Grip push rims as he needs this extra grip to support his hand grip and function when propelling by hand. Most often David uses his Batec.

Using Loopwheels

When he got his Urbans in May 2023, David wrote to us:

“I got my new Loopwheels this morning!! They are brilliant! – I can see how much work has gone into improvements from the originals.

I don’t think I’ll be taking these off at all. I’ll be using them on a day-to-day basis as you can just use them all the time.”