Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable

Reduce the discomfort caused by impact, vibration and bumpy surfaces.

Loopwheel illustration

The day to day bumps and vibrations of using a wheelchair can be painful or uncomfortable.

Wheelchairs vibrate when they go over obstacles or rough surfaces and even the smallest of kerbs can cause quite an impact. If you are using a wheelchair full time, you'll notice these vibrations & impacts can cause discomfort your back, hips, buttocks and arms.

These bumps and vibes create ‘whole-body-vibrations’ (WBV). Studies have shown that over the long term this can lead to lower back pain and other harmful effects to the body.

Cushions and arm rests can certainly help soften the jolts and so can suspension of your wheelchair. This is where the Loopwheel comes in...

Introducing the Loopwheel

The Wheelchair Wheel with Integral Suspension:

  • Absorbs vibration, bumps and shocks
  • Reduces vibration by up to 70% compared to traditional spoked rear wheels
  • Softens the impact of landing from kerbs and other drops
  • Helps you go faster and further, more comfortably

A Life Changing Accessory


"My mobility has been hugely limited due to pain, and when I’m outdoors I’m reliant on my wheelchair. Potholes, cracks, cobbles: when you have chronic pain, you feel every tiny vibration like a knife.

The Loopwheels took only a few seconds to fit and I immediately noticed a big difference. Loopwheels definitely reduce the pain of going over bumps, kerbs and cobbles . . . the addition of Loopwheels to my chair has made every trip out far more comfortable."