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Curve Tetra-Grip


A pair of Curve Tetra Grip push rims.


Who are the CURVE TETRA GRIP  push rims suited for?

For tetraplegics with triceps function as well as for wheelchair users with complete hand function but little hand strength.

This is the SMALL version of this product – for children or adults with smaller hands.

What are the advantages of the CURVE TETRA GRIP handrims?

This innovative profile provides tetraplegics with triceps function with a gripping surface optimised for exerting considerably more pressure on the hand rim.

As a result, propelling the wheelchair along a flat road and particularly uphill

  • requires less physical effort
  • much gentler on the joints
  • better and more secure wheelchair handling

This product also offers a durable anti-slip coating, the handrims make riding and steering your wheelchair much safer.

What is our recommendation in terms of profile size?

This is the smaller version of this product, designed for children or adults with smaller hands, and who are tetraplegics with triceps function.

Generally, we recommend using the alternative and larger CURVE L TETRA GRIP handrim to most adults.

Curve Tetra-Grip push rims are designed and made by CarboLife Technologies in Drsden, Germany.

Additional information

push rim diameter & fitting

24" 515mm 6 rivnut (for 24" Loopwheels Urban/LT), 22" 465mm 6 tab, 24" 512mm 6 tab (for Spinergy)