New prices on loopwheels for wheelchairs from 1 December 2016

Why are we putting up our prices?

Like many other UK manufacturers, we have had to face higher costs when buying components and the materials used in making loopwheels, because of recent changes in the value of sterling against the Euro and US dollar, and price increases from our suppliers.

Yet Loopwheels remain significantly cheaper than other suspension wheelchair wheels available in the world today, even after our prices go up. So it’s not all bad news.

To soften the blow, we’re offering a £100 voucher to any one placing an order for loopwheels for wheelchairs between 1 and 4 December 2016. Orders must be placed online via our webshop (on this site) and minimum spend is £695. The voucher is valid on loopwheels wheelchair products only, not bikes.

Simply enter the voucher code lastchance100 at check-out.


Invented, designed and made in the UK. We’re proud to export British loopwheels all over the world. Whatever the money markets throw at us!!