Partners and Friends

 You can order a new wheelchair with Loopwheels, or buy them as an “after-sales” item to fit to a chair you already use.

Arrangements can vary in different countries, but we’re working together with wheelchair manufacturers to bring you the best possible solution we can.


RGK Wheelchairs and Loopwheels are pleased to announce we are working together to bring better solutions to customers in the UK.

Loopwheels are made by hand in the UK and remove up to 70% of harmful vibration and reduce the impact of bumps and jolts. RGK wheelchairs are also made by hand in the UK, and are tailored to each customer ensuring a world class solution.

Loopwheels can now be ordered from the RGK UK online shop and can also be added, on request, to any RGK chair ordered in the UK.

Sunrise Medical distribute Loopwheels in Norway, where they supply Loopwheels on their active manual wheelchairs including the popular Quickie range.

Sunrise Medical and Loopwheels have a global combination agreement as per Medical Devices Regulations 2017/745, which means that Loopwheels can be safely combined with Sunrise Medical’s Quickie range, Zippie Simba and Youngster 3. All user manuals must be followed 😊





Loopwheels can be combined with Wolturnus chairs, in compliance with the Medical Devices Regulations 2017/745. From 2023, you can order Loopwheels when you are measured for your new Wolturnus wheelchair, off the Wolturnus order form.

Since 2002, Wolturnus has developed, manufactured and sold wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs and handbikes in Denmark and abroad. The Wolturnus design team comprises specialists from the cycling industry and wheelchair users who have competed in elite sports at world-class level for many years. All their wheelchairs and handbikes are hand-made in Denmark. Because they produce them themselves, they have a unique opportunity to custom-build special solutions for individual customers, precisely adapted to meet their needs and wishes.

Check out Loopwheels on the My Netti website where you’ll find a really helpful list of the My Netti chairs that are suitable for Loopwheels 😃




We’ve long had a close relationship with CarboLife, the innovative German team who develop the best ergonomic push rims to suit individual hand and finger function.

We can offer all CarboLife hand rims on Loopwheels.


We sell Loopwheels internationally through local distributors and retailers

Visit our stockists page for a list of our distributors and retailers in the UK and beyond.

If you’re interested in working together, and you’re an established company with a track record in selling wheelchairs and related equipment, please contact us for an application form via  [email protected]