Loopwheels Urban and Extreme

The second generation of the Loopwheel is here! Lighter weight, more stability and even more suspension, the Loopwheels Urban and Extreme take the use of power assist technology to the next level. Visit our product page or email [email protected] for more information.

Spring Sale

Brightening up for Spring We have just 3 pairs of rare colours of Loopwheels Classics available at discounted prices on Ebay. These are all 24″ Loopwheels Classics. One pair is yellow, one is green, and the final pair alternates springs of purple and blue. The green wheels are in perfect condition; the yellow and the… Read more

How Loopwheels have helped me – Lisa’s story

Lisa tells us how her Loopwheels have helped her manage pain she experiences as a result of Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrome, and enables her to use her wheelchair for longer journeys. You can watch Lisa’s clip here.