Black loopwheels with suspension for wheelchairs

So how does it work?

Absorbing vibrations and smoothing roads

How does the loopwheel technology work?

Loopwheel springs are made from a carbon composite material, carefully developed and tested to give optimum compression and lateral stability as well as strength and durability. Specially-designed connectors attach the springs to the hub and rim.

The three loops in each wheel work together as a self-correcting system. This spring system between the hub and the rim of the wheel provides suspension that constantly adjusts to uneven terrain, cushioning the rider from bumps and potholes in the road. In effect, the hub floats within the rim, adjusting constantly as shocks from an uneven road hit the rim of the wheel.

The spring configuration allows the torque to be transferred smoothly between the hub and the rim.

Are all loops the same?

The spring rate for wheelchair wheels was specifically chosen. Being carefully developed and tested for this particular application.

Every loopwheel within a product category has the same compression rate as another from the same category. We check this to assure constant manufacturing quality.


Watch loopwheels in action

You can manoeuvre with loopwheels just like with standard wheels.

You can come down kerb / curb with less jolting. (You can go up them more easily too).

See how a loopwheel moves on grass.

Watch this clip of our 20 inch loopwheel on a folding commuter bike: The Dahon Mu. (This is our "original 3-speed Loopwheels bike").

Take a closer look at the loop springs on our wheelchair loopwheels.