British invention
Made in England

Loopwheels are shock-absorbing wheels. Integral suspension gives you a smoother ride and reduces vibration.

Our Story

Loopwheels are designed, engineered and made in England by Jelly Products Ltd. It’s a registered design with patents pending.

The story of loopwheels is one of determination, and a streak of madness. They were invented and developed by Sam Pearce, in his home in Nottinghamshire, England. By training and profession, Sam is a mechanical engineer and industrial designer. By nature, he is some one who loves making things: designing, building, doing. He loves simplicity, and products that work well.  Sam is practical and hands-on. He is stubborn and doesn’t give up easily. All useful traits when you find you’ve set out on a journey to reinvent the wheel . . .

Sam believes passionately in craftsmanship and in the skills and knowledge that come from practical experience. He worked with a small local company, KG Archery, manufacturers of archery bows, on the development of the springs for loopwheels.

We’re proud to be a British manufacturer of a world-class innovation in wheel technology.


Where it all started

In 2013 we raised funding to get loopwheels into production by running a Kickstarter campaign.  178 lovely people pledged their support; some are listed here.

Without these 178 people, you wouldn’t be able to buy loopwheels today.  THANK YOU ALL!

Special thanks go to our Kickstarter bike and wheel backers in 2013

Alan T Anderson, Arthur Alexander, Austin Stephens, Charles Leighton, Dylan Saxby, Emma French, Gary Neville, Dr Greg Hicks, Harry Yeates, James Swabey, James Turner, Janne Väänänen, Jo and Tony Pearce, Jokkwang Han, Joss Scouler – Ubisoft, Keith Plumley, Laurent Petit, Magnus Holm, Mary R, Matt Ellis, Melon Helmets – David C, Mike Barnes, Mike Chapplow, Penny & David Thorne, Peter Gross, Peter Sheppard, Plunkett Associates, R Hale, Richard Olivier, Ruslan Bystrov, Salvador Bettencourt Avila, Sarah Cooke, Stefan Vitz, Stephen Hilton, The Bicycle Academy, The Roper family, The Wards, There’s Only One Johnny Pearce, Thursday Nighters, Universal Works, William Kochi, William Tusting, and xsfrench.

And further thanks to our Kickstarter backers in 2015

211 wonderful people backed us. They include A. Parello, Aaron Chuidian, Adam Button, Alexandre Hees de Negreiros, Ali Murray, Alistair Walder, Aminetta, Amy Robertson, Andreas Ungerer, Andy Youings, Ant and Jo, Anton Nechaev, Batwench Bees Make Honey Creative CIC, Ben and Imii Allen, Bill Tabb, Bob Verrinder, Callum Bainbridge, Carl Housbey, Charlie Milner, Cheese Man, Chris #noXcuse Khouri, Chris M Moore, Chrissy Morrison, Claudia Young, Cliff Currie,  Daniel Asher, Debbie Bradley, Dog A.I.D. Rossi, Dominik Pich, Donerkebab, Dr Christopher Spencer, Dylan Stewart, Erik Kondo, Erin Wolff, MD, Francesco Basile, Italy, Franz Lefort, Frode P. Bergsager, George Julian, George Rodger,  Graham Powell, Howard Gees, Hugh Laird, Ian Maskell, Invictus Active, John E Janek, J M Huggan, J. Ruiz, Jacque Mox, James French, Jeremie Lariviere, John E Janak, Jon Adams, Jonathan M Foster, Julia Watts Belser, Karina, Katherine Woolfitt, Kenneth Kalchik, Kirsty Andrews, Kurt Anderson, Lisa P Lamb, Lora Plattner, Lorenz Weser, Luke Pearce, M. Kerklaan, Margaret Pennington, Martin Fickling,  Martin Mohr, Matt Ellis, Matthieu Debeaux,  Michael Baker, Mike Drnek, Mike Lewin, Miles Stapleton, Mr D Carter, Mr. DuJuan Green, Neil Barron, Neil van der Merwe, Nick A. Monks, P C Ganger,  Pablo R.M, Pat Allan, Paul Neville, Penny & David Thorne, Pete Crane, Pykonzept – N. Gehlen, Oldenburg, Purpleshadez, Rachel O’R, Ralph Lachmann, RicLindberg, Rob Langton, Robert Oostenveld, Salvador Rios, Susanne, Texas MicroCircuits, The elders of the internet, The Jersey Pocket, Tracy Mitchell, Valentin Milev, Vincent Jansen, W. M. Aporta . . . phew, thanks to every one of you!

Meet the Team

Small Team. Big Vision.

Loopwheels are designed and made in the UK.


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