Annual Report 2016

2016 may seem like a distant memory but for us it was a fantastic year, and here’s our brief annual report on the year just gone. We’re keen to build on last year’s relationships and make new ones in 2017. We hope you continue to join us for the ride and to hear our tales along the way!

We’ve had a look back at 2016 and can share with you a few facts and figures to give you an insight into the loopy world of shock-absorbing wheelchair wheels here at Loopwheels HQ.

Hope this provides an alternative to your usual light reading during your next short coffee break!


Our brightly coloured wheels are a very popular choice for customers who want to personalise their chairs. They are slightly more expensive than our black wheels, yet coloured wheels accounted for half of our wheelchair wheel sales in 2016.

But which colours have been our bestsellers for 2016? We have the results in!

Drum roll please…..
And the best selling coloured loopwheel is ORANGE commanding 21% of the sale of coloured wheels!!!
Taking second place with 17% are our beautiful RED wheels …
followed closely behind, in third place with 15% of customer orders, by our BLUE wheels.


We offer a choice of 7 different logo colours on our wheels. Our coloured wheels all come with black logos  – unless you make a special request.  But which is the top choice on our black wheels?
The 2016 best-selling logo colour for our black wheels was GREY.

Our Dealers and Distributors

At the close of 2016 there were 35 companies selling loopwheels around the globe. The Loopwheels family has grown significantly since launch of our wheelchair wheels in 2015.

All are wheels are made here in Nottinghamshire, in the English East Midlands. 70% of the wheels we made in 2016 were sold to customers outside the UK.

Our biggest market last year was Europe, but as the map shows, we have customers much further afield too  – and so our exports are growing.

For us,  it is not necessarily about numbers, but on building relations with companies who will represent Loopwheels effectively to maintain our brand integrity. That’s really important to us. Feedback from our customers is crucial to us so that we know what we’re doing well and what we can improve on, so do let us know if you feel you’ve had good service from a Loopwheels stockist or if you have suggestions for new partners.
We’ll be working with some fantastic new companies in 2017 including some whose details we will be announcing very soon…watch this space!

Thank you for following us.

We believe loopwheels are a fantastic, innovative product, and we like to think we’re nice people who you tell us you like to deal with. But in the end, our success is due to your support and custom – so thank you, and here’s to another great year ahead!